‘Mieszkanie Plus’ Katowice



 December 2017

niszkowiec-fotOn 21.12.2017, IDS-BUD signed a contract on the construction of three city blocks of multi-family residential buildings at ul. Górniczego Dorobku in Katowice.
Three contracts with the total value exceeding PLN 100 million gross were signed in the presence of the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki by the Mayor of Katowice, Marcin Krupa, the Vice-President of BGK Nieruchomości, Włodzimierz Stasiak, the Member of Management Board of BGK Nieruchomości, Grzegorz Muszyński, the President of IDS-BUD, Andrzej Napierski and the Director of the General Construction Division of IDS-BUD, Marek Matwiszyn.
Over 500 apartments are planned to be constructed within the Mieszkanie Plus programme in Katowice. The design of Nowy Nikiszowiec, a new residential development at ul. Górniczego Dorobku refers to the original, historical concept dating back to the beginning of the 20th century known as a company town in Nikiszowiec. The design was developed by the 22Architekci studio.
The subject of the commission is the construction of three city blocks of multi-family four- and eight above-ground storey residential buildings at ul. Górniczego Dorobku in Katowice, with basic standard furbishing (Appendix No. 10 to Specification of Essential Terms of a Contract (SIWZ)) along with the following connection and installation systems: power, electricity, telecommunication, water supply from the municipal water supply system, sewerage from the municipal sewage system, central heating from the municipal heating system, hybrid ventilation, rainwater – to the rainwater sewage system as well as works connected to zoning:
internal and access roads, parking places, footpaths, small architecture facilities, land lighting and local green areas divided into 3 parts:
Part I: Construction of block A
Part II: Construction of block B
Part II: Construction of block C
Facilities in numbers:
Total area: 13,998.49
Usable area: 9,491.00
Volume gross: 44,819.57
Total area: 17,898.23
Usable area: 12,164.26
Volume gross: 57,226.23
Total area: 14,382.62
Usable area: 9,966.58
Time for completion: 30 months
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