Sewage Treatment Plant



 September 2017

DJI 0011smallOn 14 September 2017 IDS-BUD S.A. concluded an agreement to perform the contract: 'Reconstruction of the Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant in Choszczno including the water and sewage infrastructure'. The project was commissioned by Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Gospodarki Komunalnej Sp. z o.o. in Choszczno.
The scope of works covers complete performance of the project including delivery and installation of devices and startup of the sewage treatment plant.
The investment project includes:
  • Reconstruction or construction of the following sewage treatment facilities:
    • service facility
    • paved area for municipal engineering operating warehouse
    • storage and sludge treatment facility
    • tank for brought-in sewage along with a decanting station
    • two sludge thickeners
    • technical building
    • aerated sand trap
    • sewage clarifiers
    • anaerobic tank
    • biofilter
    • two activated sludge tanks
    • PIX container, PAX container
    • sludge pumping station
    • two secondary settlement tanks
    • treated sewage measuring flume
    • calcium storage silo
    • cross-facility networks (sewer, water, sludge, compressed air, Electroenergetic, steering and PIX and PAX reagents networks) with necessary pumping stations (for treated sewage, domestic sewage, floating particles, rainwater from reservoirs)
    • layout of internal communication
    • construction of the municipal road section
    • fencing of the area
    • lighting of the area
  • Demolition of the following existing sewage treatment facilities:
    • two secondary settlement tanks,
    • measuring flume,
    • screening station building
    • sand trap,
    • building for sludge dewatering station,
    • building for blower station,
    • social and office building.
  • Reconstruction of the existing activated sludge tanks for reservoirs
  • Construction of a segment of a sanitary pumping sewage network consisting of two parallel pipelines from the main pumping station to the sewage treatment plant – with a total pipeline length of 3,210 m
  • Commissioning the sewage treatment plant.
  • Training of the personal.
  • Obtaining of the occupancy permit, the permit required by the Water Law Act and any other decisions and arrangements necessary for the proper functioning of the sewage treatment plant.
Completion date: 30 September 2018
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