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październik 2013

Extension of water purification technology in Zakład Wodociągu Praskiego

On 2 October 2013 IDS-BUD S.A. company concluded a contract: "Extension of water purification technology in Zakład Wodociągu Praskiego. The ordering party is Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji w m. st. Warszawie S.A. (MPWiK).
In order to improve environment and meet requirements of the Polish and European Union law MPWiK is conducting works regulating water and wastewater management system at the city site.
Zakład Wodociągu Praskiego is introducing intermediate ozonation and carbon filter process as extension of water purification process after rapid filters usage.
The project involves conducting multi-sector works for the following premises:
  • rapid filter station – adaptations,
  • intermediate pumping station,
  • intermediate ozonation and carbon filter station, consisting in general of two parts divided by settlement joint – technological premises and administrative premises,
  • oxygen warehouse,
  • modernisation of chlorine station,
  • land servicing and development.
The contract shall be realised in consortium with INSTAL WARSZAWA S.A. and SEEN TECHNOLOGIE SP. Z O.O. companies.
Completion date: 30.11.2015.
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