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June 2013

Modernisation of the Sewage Treatment Plant in Puławy, stage I

On the 28th of June 2013, IDS-BUD S.A. signed the contract related to the project called “Modernisation of the Sewage Treatment Plant in Puławy within the scope of sewage, power and gas management, Contract No 7.4.1 - Stage I”, whose Contracting Authority is Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji „Wodociągi Puławskie” Spółka z o.o. [The Municipal Water and Sewage Company „Water Pipelines of Puławy” Ltd.].
The subject of contract consists in preparing the design of and performing the modernisation of the Sewage Treatment Plant in Puławy, within the scope of: -modernisation of the part corresponding to sewage,
  • modernisation of the sludge management, including: 
  • installation of an additional sludge thickening line; 
  • modernisation of the existing installation for biogas desulphurization; 
  • installation of a new power cogeneration system.
In particular, the subject of contract covers: designing and performing the construction and assembly works together with the demolition of unnecessary structures and debris removal; carrying out Final Tests and Operational Tests (together with technological start-up of the modernised systems); delivering complete health & safety equipment, fire protection equipment and maintenance equipment; providing trainings of Contracting Authority’s personnel and obtaining the operating permit on behalf of the Contracting Authority.
To be completed within: 24 months
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