Improvement of waste water system in Legionowo
In January 2011 a consortium with IDS-BUD as a leader has signed a contract with Przedsiębiorstwo Wodno-Kanalizacyjne "Legionowo" Sp. z o.o. for "Modernization of the sewage system of the P-3 substitute pumping station drainage area". It constitutes yet another challenge for the company as the tasks was performed in extremely difficult soil and water conditions. Modernization project involved construction and reconstruction of sewage system consisting of changing the flow direction of communal waste from the "ZASTĘPCZA" pumping station drainage area which consists of relieving the "Zastępcza" pumping stations in order to make its operation less burdensome for the neighbouring residential buildings by constructing new gravitational drainage system at streets: Broniewskiego, Sowińskiego and Norwida.
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