Waste water treatment plant and modernization of water pipeline station in Golub-Dobrzyń together with auxiliary infrastructure
As part of a project entitled "Organizing water and wastewater management system in Golub-Dobrzyń" IDS-BUD, as a consortium leader, signed a contract for the performance of construction and assembly works concerning construction and reconstruction of a waste water treatment plant, modernization of the water pipe system, sanitary and rain water sewage system together with auxiliary infrastructure in Golub-Dobrzyń. As part of the order subject, the contractor shall additionally design and make water pipe system and sanitary sewer system with fittings in Golub-Dobrzyń at PTTK St. and Dworcowa St. Total length of the modernized and newly-built water pipeline, sewage and rain water system amount to more than 17 500 m and the project should be completed till December 2014.
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