IDS-BUD S.A. is executing an investment: “Construction of a school and pre-school building complex at Gilarska Street in Warsaw – stage I”



 March 2019

gilarska-fot1On 8 March 2019, IDS-BUD S.A. signed a contract on the “Construction of a complex of a school and pre-school building complex at Gilarska Street – stage I”.
The agreement was signed by Andrzej Napierski, the President of the IDS-BUD S.A. and Marek Matwiszyn, the Director of the General Construction Division of IDS-BUD S.A., in the presence of Rafał Trzaskowski, the Mayor of Warsaw.
The investment has been commissioned by the Warsaw City Council, the Investment Department of the Targówek District.
The project has been designed by Agnieszka Urszula Duda, an architect at AUTORSKA PRACOWNIA PROJEKTOWA.
gilarska-fot2The subject of this contract is the construction of a school at Gilarska Street in Warsaw along with the following connectors and installations: energy, electrical, telecommunication, water and sewage supply, as well as land development works: internal roads, parking spaces, footpaths, small architecture facilities, lighting of land and green areas.
The school and pre-school building complex is designed for 825 children, including a school for 600 pupils divided into younger children – classes I-III (225 pupils) and older children – classes IV-VIII (375 pupils).
The school building was designed as a two-storey facility, with a basement under a part of the construction.
The subsequent investment stages, which do not constitute the subject of this contract, are expected to consist in the construction of a pre-school building and a sports hall.
The facility in numbers ( for Stage I ):
  • USABLE AREA [m²]: 8,654.70
  • TOTAL AREA TA [m²]: 11,337.31
  • LAND AREA FOR STAGES I, II, III [m²]: 20,140.00
  • GROSS BUILDING VOLUME [m³]: 41,552.54
Time limit for the completion of the construction works: 01/07/2020
Time limit for the obtaining of the occupancy permit: 31/08/2020
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