Czajka wastewater treatment

 Białołęka,  22 December 2016 

On 22 December 2016, IDS-BUD concluded an agreement on the implementation of the following project: Construction of a storage reservoir on site of the “Czajka” wastewater treatment plant.
The project will be implemented on site of the existing wastewater treatment plant and on the neighbouring south-east territories located within Białołęka, a district of Warsaw.
The subject of the agreement is the design and construction of a wastewater storage reservoir along with the necessary auxiliary facilities.
The active capacity of the storage reservoir will be at least 78 000 m³ and will be divided into six identical segments put together in blocks of two, aligned parallel to each other along the longer side – in total 3 blocks with 2 segments each. The length of each segment will be about 100 meters, width – about 21 meters, active depth – about 7 meters. The scope of the project covers: design, erection and construction works, conducting completion tests – together with providing a complete safety and fire-fighting equipment, maintenance equipment, training for the staff of the contracting party and obtaining a structure occupancy permit on behalf of the contracting party.
The intended structure constitutes a part of a bigger project implemented by MPWiK S.A. [Municipal Water and Sewerage Company] which intends to build a system of collectors and storage reservoirs together with a control system over the wastewater management infrastructure as part of a process of developing and optimising the wastewater collection and treatment system in Warsaw. The long-term objective of the project is to reduce the number of discharges and the volume of wastewater disposed to the Vistula river via storm drains during rainy weather and to eliminate the risk of local flooding caused by the wastewater being pushed out from the sewage network. Introduction of a central control system over the combined sewer network and construction of storage reservoirs should result in a decrease in the number of the registered discharges to no more than 10 yearly (per one storm drain). Additional objectives include:
  • reducing the pollutant load disposed to the Vistula river by reducing the total volume of the disposed wastewater or by increasing its dilution,
  • centralising the control over the combined sewer network and ensuring the compliance
  • of the newly designed system with the control systems of the “Czajka” and “Południe” treatment plants and the transmission network,
  • balancing the volume of wastewater entering the treatment plant – both for sanitary flows and by rainfall events,
  • optimising the work of the network during changing weather conditions,
  • identifying and possibly modernising or reconstructing the critical points of the network constituting “bottlenecks”,
  • minimising the flooding occurring in Warsaw during torrential rains.
Completion date: 31 October 2019
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