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May 2013
Optimisation of wastewater management in the drainage basin of Biała Przemsza in the area of Olkusz, Bukowno, Bolesław and Klucze municipalities - Stage I
On the 6th of May 2013, IDS-BUD S.A. signed the contract for construction works related to the modification and extension of the Sewage Treatment Plant in Olkusz.
The Sewage Treatment Plant in Olkusz is a mechanical, biological and chemical treatment plant with low-load activated sludge and complete anaerobic sludge digestion.
The treatment plant requires modification, in order to guarantee the necessary effectiveness in biogenic substance elimination.
The planned capacity of the treatment plant will take into account the foreseen increase in sewage volume caused by the extension of the sewage network in Olkusz and the development of the sewage network in adjacent towns and villages – 9,000 m3/d. For the purpose of sludge management, a solar sludge drying unit with a turning machine will be built.
To be completed within 16 months.
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