IDS-BUD realized another big engineering contract in the City of Radom
IDS-BUD signed an agreement with Wodociągi Miejskie w Radomiu for the implementation of a contract: „Modernization and expansion of selected water intakes and water processing plants located in Radom together with monitoring system”.
The enterprise range included modernization and expansion of selected water intakes and water processing plants located in Radom:
  • water processing plant Malczew and water processing plant 25-Czerwca in range of automatic and control systems, electric systems, and modernization of water processing technology,
  • water intake Potkanów in range of adaptation of existing building and devices to increased throughput of Q = 234m3/h, and in range of automatic, control, and electric systems,
  • water processing plant Halinów and plant Lesiów in range of modernization of building, automatic, control, and electric systems.
The task range included implementation of water network monitoring system with realization of network monitoring points, used for measurements of flow rate and pressure and data transmission to SCADA system control room.
Our company has signed a contract for construction, expansion and modernization of water pipes and sanitary sewage system in the city of Radom. The following construction and assembly works were subject to the order: construction of pipeline network in the Pruszaków, Kończyce, Wincentów, Potkanów districts and in Zagonowa St., construction of sanitary sewage system in the Młynek Janiszewski, Pruszaków, Młodzianów, Firlej, Rajec Poduchowny districts and modernization of the existing water pipelines and sanitary sewage systems in selected streets of the City of Radom.
Completion period: approximately 29 months.
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