Construction of sanitary sewer system in Bielany and Łęki and construction of a waste water treatment plant in Łęki
Task W3.1 - Construction of waste water treatment plant in Łęki
The waste water treatment plant constitutes a blocked engineering facility. Treatment plant operation is fully automated.
The treatment plant is working based on the activated sludge technology. Target capacity is to 600 m3/d (5 227 RLM). Communal waste drained by sanitary sewer system is directed to the waste water treatment plant.
Stretch II: Task W 3.2 - Sanitary sewage system in Łęki and Bielany
  • Pressure sewage system: 33 874 m,
  • Household sewage pumping stations: 775 stations,
  • Networks pumping stations: 1 station.
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